What We’ve Learned About Ourselves & Our Business

The precursor to most writings now seems to be, “During these crazy times,” or “In these times of COVID-19.” And needless to say, it’s getting tiring. What we all know for sure is that time keeps moving forward…we need to keep working, and we need to find as much meaning in our lives as we possibly can. And, this really goes unsaid, but we can’t wait until the day that “Post COVID-19” becomes the opening line to each statement or written piece!

Goals Drive The Future

Our firm’s goal from the start has been to keep evolving and honing in on our client base. Finding the ideal demographic of future clients is important to our mission, and survival, to be blunt. And even now, we work on that while supporting current clients in the very best way we can. Admittedly, there have been some bumps in the road, but we’ve learned from each and have found a stronger resolve in our direction as a company. We’ve parted ways with a few clients within the past several months too, due to their budget restraints or shift in practices. But that’s all a part of this ride and we’ve had shifts as well. Though it can be scary, it’s also been exciting.

Podcast Debut

Today is especially exciting as we launch our podcast. This is something that our creative director has wanted for a very long time. We introduce you to the Rooted In Community Podcast, and in the first episode, we discuss what community means to us and how it applies to what we do.

With our podcast we hope to engage a wider audience through straight talk about online marketing. We want to break it down and make the whole idea of marketing less intimidating to those who really need it to elevate their organizations. We see the short and long-term value that marketing creates, and we want to share that with small business and nonprofit communities. In doing so, we’ll have fulfilled our personal and professional mission.

We hope you’ll give it a listen! And, let us know how we can help you. 😉