What the Heck Are Pain Points, and How Can I Use Them to Market My Business?

We’ve all heard the term, “pain points,” but do we really understand what it means? Mirriam-Webster’s definition is: A persistent or recurring problem (as with a product or service) that frequently inconveniences or annoys customers. So, when you’re looking at this from a marketing standpoint, what are your customer’s annoyances, inconveniences, or needs that your business solves?

Really? That’s it? Well, yes and no.

Yes, you may know off the top of your head what services you provide, and the benefits for your customers. However, do you know which of your services will help you market your business more effectively? Furthermore, do you know what language your customers are using to solve their pain points?

Before you can really dive into marketing how your business solves problems, you need to clearly identify your customer’s pain points. Here are 3 key questions to ask yourself about your customer’s needs:

  1. What is the greatest challenge that your customer is facing right now? If more than one come to mind, then make a list and prioritize.

  2. What will happen if the challenges on your list are not addressed? Will it cost additional time or money, for example.

  3. What is keeping your customer from tackling these challenges on their own? Time, money, both?

Once you have the answers to these questions written down, let’s take a moment to go even deeper. Can you frame these answers as if you were your customer? For example, you’re an auto-repair company and you provide maintenance and service on most vehicles. Your customer will most likely be searching terms such as, “Why won’t my car run?” or, “Affordable car repair near me”, instead of industry-specific terms. So, take time to step into your customer’s shoes and rework the answers to the above questions from their point of view.

Now that you have this information you can move onto marketing your business more effectively! Go through your website and make sure you’ve addressed these pain points, using your customer’s language. Going back to our original example, you may want to put on your home page that you’re affordable, or even point-blank say, “Asking yourself, ‘Why won’t my car run?’” By doing this you’ll be marketing directly to the customers you’re looking for and increasing your visibility within Google and other search engines. The more your website, social media, and other online marketing channels can speak your customer’s language, the more you’ll reach them.

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