What Are Analytics And Why Are They So Important To My Business?

We offer a complimentary analytics report to each of our clients on retainer. Basically, we feel it important to share with them how their social media & website efforts are measuring up. Not only is it a way for us to justify the work that we’ve done, by providing proof that our client’s information is out there and reaching an audience, but it is also a means to set the bar month to month and to improve upon each month by setting goals.

So, what exactly do we mean by “analytics”? By definition, analytics is “the process of exploring data and reports in order to extract meaningful insights, which can be used to better understand and improve business performance.” We gather data from all social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and the client’s website for the period of a month. We compare that data with the previous month to determine how many followers the client now has, which posts were the most successful, and what type of consumer is engaging with their business or organization. If we see a trend in response to a particular type of social media post or see that views of a page increase at a particular time of day, we take note of those things and change our posting strategy.

Another aspect of analytics reports is comparing your performance to that of other entities that are of similar background. It is always good to be aware and stay on top of what others are doing. Taking this into consideration will also help with goal setting.

We hope this is helpful information for those who are not familiar with analytics. Our firm strongly believes that a positive difference can be made by using these reports as tools.

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