What A Year It's Been!

Well, we’ve made it to the end of 2020. That’s an accomplishment in itself, right? Through challenge after challenge that the year has thrown us we’re still standing, but we don’t take that lightly. We know that there are many, many small businesses and nonprofits hurting right now. We understand that they are having to take life day-to-day and we applaud them for their tenacity and will to not give up.

This is where our philosophy of Rooted in Community began. It plays such a large part in how and why we work with our clients. We help them to identify their community and realize how they can better serve and support it. The same basic principle applies to community patrons. Now more than ever, it’s important to know that you can serve and support your community by shopping small and local, ordering for curbside pickup, and donating to the nonprofits that are keeping so many individuals & families fed and healthy during this very difficult time.

Over this past year we’ve touched on many a topic, all with the goal of providing education and knowledge for those who are in the business of service. We’ve written about improving your SEO; how to use Analytics to reach your audience; how to get started with Google Ads; the ins and outs of Social Media; how to identify your Pain Points; delving into Virtual Fundraising; why Email Marketing is a good thing; what Cause Marketing is all about; why a Privacy Policy for your website is important; and why Gratitude in Business can set you apart from others. Yep, quite an array!

All of the above-mentioned topics have been addressed in our blogs, and though digital marketing is ever changing, even the entries from earlier in the year are still relevant. These can help you to build a good foundation and to feel more confident in your online presence. Find Here

And cheers to 2021! May you be healthy, happy, and find much success.