Soap Artistry with a Cause - Consulting with Simon Sudz

Simon Sudz, owned by Sacramento resident Carol Manson, is a small batch handcrafted soap company. Some may already be familiar with this small business as they regularly sell their colorful and pleasantly scented items at farmer’s markets in the area and they are known to donate often to local nonprofits. Giving is a large part of the Simon Sudz brand, as well as social awareness. They have crafted many unique soaps to commemorate and further causes. Their #BLM, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Good Trouble soap bars are just a few examples.

Carol came to us last year in preparation of the 2020 holiday season. Though her company already had an online presence, she recognized that it needed to be updated and streamlined to better serve customers. And she wanted to have any changes in place so that sales during the months of October – December especially, would run smoothly.

Our process began by thoroughly reviewing the Simon Sudz website, email system, and social media platforms with Carol. In doing so, we developed a plan to implement some website updates, particularly those that would tie into the company’s email system. Features to store and utilize email addresses for future mailings and those to recover abandoned carts during the sales process were earmarked as the highest priority items.

We really enjoyed working with Simon Sudz! This was the perfect example of collaboration in that Carol is very hands-on with her business and she wanted professional advice as to how to improve her marketing and then learn how to implement the recommendations on her own. We love teaching our clients the tools they need to successfully manage their marketing!

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