So, What's this Big Day of Giving I Keep Hearing About?

The Big Day of Giving is an annual fundraising event in our area that encourages participation by a variety of nonprofits. More questions you have may be, Will my nonprofit really benefit? And, What makes it different from other fundraisers? First of all, the sheer fact that over 600 non-profits participate each year is pretty awesome. That level of participation not only gives the event legitimacy, but it also raises the bar with proven track records for success.

Whether yours is considered a small, medium or large organization, you’ll work side-by-side with others. Many are seasoned orgs that have a kind of magic they brew to bring in as much in the way of monetary donations as possible. Taking into consideration that the money collected only comes in over a 24-hour period, some of their figures at the end of the day are staggering. Smaller orgs can learn from them, however, and craft fundraising plans to emulate.

Many organizations consider the Big Day as their primary fundraiser for the year, so they go all out. And whether that is your strategy, or to participate with a smaller goal in mind you simply cannot lose. Giving is made very easy by being 100% online. Donations can even be pre-scheduled starting 2 weeks prior to the Big Day. The Big Day of Giving organization offers a huge amount of resources as well. One such resource is the preparation classes, “Bootcamps” as they call them. Attending the series of Bootcamps is a great way to get on track and learn from the pros about how to make the most of the fundraiser.

Each nonprofit designates a “Team Captain” who is the point of contact but others in your organization can easily participate in the planning process by attending Bootcamps and learning from the Nonprofit Toolkit that is provided. Big Day encourages vigorous planning strategies and even suggests that board members be included in some of the work as they are your best ambassadors.

In our opinion, there is no reason why a nonprofit in the Sacramento region shouldn’t jump on the Big Day of Giving bandwagon.

Here are some important things to remember:

- The Big Day of Giving takes place on the first Thursday of each May

- It is a program of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

- Participation requirements, registration (includes a fee) and deadlines apply

- All information to get started can be found on the Big Day of Giving website

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