Sneak Peek: Sacramento Freelance Network (SFN)

Have you heard about a new service on the horizon for freelancers in the Sacramento area? It’s called the Sacramento Freelance Network, or SFN. This ground-breaking idea in online directories was developed to fill a void with the local freelance community.

What do freelancers do to get their names and skillset in front of potential clients? Word of mouth is great but only goes so far. Getting on vendor lists with various companies and organizations, too, only reaches so many. What if there was one singular place where those providing contract services could connect with those needing contract services? Well, now there is!

SFN is the brainchild of the team at Modern Roots Marketing. In working with clients, and alongside freelancers for the past several years (and the last year, in particular) it was clear that there was a need for a more direct way for the two sides to “meet.” We’d heard of freelancers buying in to hiring services for a hefty fee, and a variety of other ways to try to get work, but we feel that SFN is an easy (and logical) remedy.

October 1 is the big day that the SFN directory will officially launch, however, freelancers can become a member now. All it takes is $5 to get started. A freelancer can set up their directory page with a photo, link to their website, add contact information, and services that they provide. After launch we’ll have additional upgrade options for our freelancers to choose from, still set at a very reasonable low monthly cost.

Lastly, SFN will also provide listings and advertising for local coworking spaces. Yet another informational need that has lacked in the area. Find out more at or download our Media Kit here. Share with your colleagues, and let’s WORK together!