Rooted in Community, It’s What We’re All About!

Recently we announced our new Rooted in Community Process™. Though the process is new, the philosophy behind it is not. We’ve based our business on community from the start. Our hearts have always been in serving the local small business and nonprofit communities and helping them to fulfill their potential through mindful online marketing.

So, what is the Rooted in Community Process™? It’s where we begin with each of our clients. It’s communication, it’s research, and it’s taking the time to ensure we’re on the same page. We kick off with a variety of questions and listen intently to the answers our clients provide to find out key information like:

  • How they began and what led them to this moment.

  • What is their mission and what fuels their passion for what they do?

  • What is the dynamic between themselves and their staff members, and how that fits in with their individual customer and/or donor communities?

  • What are their long-term sales, growth, or donor base goals?

By hearing the answers to these questions, we can build a strategy and create content that truly meets our client’s needs and is delivered as if it’s coming from their own voice. This helps to attract their ideal audience, garnering the best return on investment.

It may sound simple, but we’ve found that most people are surprised that we have this approach. Not all marketing firms are as personalized as we are. And it's true, marketing as a whole can be very expensive but we feel that our rates are fair, responsible, and competitive. Your investment in us will be an investment in your business or nonprofit and it’s our priority that no matter your budget, we start the same way with every client. Making sure we’re Rooted in Community.

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