Our World May Have Slowed Down but Social Media Marketing Hasn’t!

A few weeks ago we wrote about how to handle some of the changes that the Coronavirus crisis may have imposed upon your business. Now that this new phenomenon has set in, we think you’re probably aware that it’s about more than just navigating Zoom calls! We want to encourage you to branch out and really immerse your business in social media marketing – now is the time!

Considering the fact that the number of individuals online every day has skyrocketed, this is a great opportunity for you to become more social media savvy. First off, audit what you are already doing. Do you have active social media accounts for your business? If not, we suggest opening Facebook and Instagram accounts immediately. 😊 These two channels are in the top five of the most used apps right now. And if you already have social media accounts to advertise your business, which channels do you post on?

We believe that for most businesses your presence on Facebook and Instagram should be the priority. If you have a Twitter account and don’t have a very specific reason for keeping it intact, we recommend that you close it. Twitter has become so political that we feel it doesn’t serve most businesses in a beneficial way. LinkedIn is another channel to think about. It has become more widely used, but it doesn’t serve every type of business. If you provide a service (photography, accounting, etc.) you are more likely to benefit from LinkedIn. It’s a wonderful way to network with others in (and outside of) your industry, and to secure referrals. But if you sell a product, it may not be a logical venue for you.

Once you’ve chosen your channels, or you have committed to putting more time into posting on the channels you already have in place, you can move on to the next step. Think about the type of social media posts that appeal to you. Are they funny…thought provoking…or “salesy?” Probably the first two. 😉 This is where it gets a bit more difficult. How to write posts that don’t bang people over the head with what you want to sell, right? Our response is three words, Make Them Personable. This doesn’t mean that you have to share personal information. The best way to describe what we’re getting at is to just write them as though you’re sharing valuable information with a friend. Again, think about the type of posts you have seen that appeal to you – use them as examples.

And finally, here are just a couple more suggestions to get you on your way to becoming a social media marketing pro. 1.) Use hashtags – Add only 2 or 3 relevant tags to your Facebook posts, and then as many as you can find for each Instagram post (which is where hashtags really make a difference). This is another way to reach more people. And 2.) Post at a variety of times of day, then track the progress of your posts. If you find that more people “like” and share your posts at particular times, go with that information and set a schedule. You may find that these types of trends change over time, so be prepared to adjust down the road too.

Good luck!

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