Music Partners in Healthcare

Music Partners in Healthcare (MPIH) is a nonprofit based in Fair Oaks. MPIH provides Certified Music Practitioners (CMPs) to play live music at the bedside of those in local care facilities. Their philosophy is that music can calm and comfort patients suffering physically and mentally, and even individuals in the process of transitioning from life to death.

This organization wanted a new website that had an updated look and would better portray what they do and how the community benefits from their services. With the use of photos, videos and music samples of CMPs in action, one really comes to understand the impact of their services.

Another key component of the website we created is ease of use. MPIH is run solely by volunteers who manage full schedules in addition to their dedicated time to the organization. A website that is user friendly and can accommodate quick and easy page updates is exactly what they needed and what we provided.

You can visit their website and learn more about them at

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