Increasing Your Success With Email Marketing

This month we’ve concentrated on the power of Email Marketing. Whether you are reaching out to current, new, or potential customers of your business, or to donors to support your nonprofit, Email Marketing can be a powerful tool. Are you having trouble connecting with your community? Do you feel like you’re overshadowed by your competitors and you need to make a name for yourself and what you’re doing to reach your full potential? Email Marketing can alter the trajectory in your favor!

As our philosophy has always been to educate, we’ve provided some great resources to help encourage your efforts. On our resources website you’ll find a free pdf titled “Creating an Email Automation that Works,” and our Rooted in Community Podcast devoted an episode to the subject – Episode 8: “How to Create a Nurture Email Campaign.” With each resource, the steps in implementation are broken down and can be followed easily to ensure your success.

In addition, we’re proud to share that we’ve launched a series, “5 Weeks to Audience Growth.” We’re currently on Week 2: “What Value do You Provide?” and both it, the previous week, and all upcoming weeks can be delivered direct to your inbox by subscribing. This series is presented as 15-minute, easy to listen to audio tutorials, each with an accompanying worksheet. And it couldn’t be easier to dive in and discover that you have the power to make positive change within your organization, it just takes some professional advice and encouragement.

We really hope that you find positivity in what we bring to the table. As always, let us know if you're interested in booking a FREE 30-minute consultation call. We'd love to hear what your business is doing and see how we can help you grow your audience online.