Gratitude in Business

Now that our first full year of being in business has passed, we can’t help but reflect on the initial goals we set and where we are now. So much has happened! Perspectives have changed. We learned some very good lessons and figured out how to make adjustments to our business model to allow for more flexibility and improvement. Basically, it’s been a process…and a good one.

Before I get much farther, I’d like to mention several thank yous. Thank you to our clients, who are wonderful. Of course, we wouldn’t still be here without them! Thank you to our families and friends, who have been so incredibly supportive and encouraging. And, thank you to the local business community. We really have been impressed with the level of camaraderie our colleagues have shown. Though the competitive spirit is alive and well among business circles, it also comes with referrals, networking, and stories of lessons learned and shared as a caution not to repeat – this is an incredible gift to receive.

One thing we became aware of during this first-year journey, is the organization, SCORE (previously known as Service Corps of Retired Executives). It is a nonprofit dedicated to helping small businesses. Their mission is to “foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education.” And they provide free business counseling and lots of great resources. Very soon after contacting them, we were matched with a local SCORE mentor, Al. He met with us in person, we discussed all of the comings and goings of our business and we shared a few concerns. Al immediately gave us very helpful feedback and action items, and we were so glad that we had one more resource to draw from in him. Since then, we’ve corresponded with Al as needed, and if we should ever feel that another in-person meeting would be helpful, he is available. We can’t say enough about SCORE and the service they provide. Check out their website at for more information.

All this being said, we must acknowledge that it’s been a heck of a lot of work. We’ve had many a very long day, very early mornings and late nights, and some sleepless ones. We can honestly say, however, that each makes us more determined to succeed and we are grateful for this life and experience that is the small business owner.

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