Finding Your Professional Voice In A Complicated World

As this blog publishes, we can’t go any farther without first acknowledging the date. Yes, in just five days we reach a memorable one in US history. Tuesday, November 3rd will be a day that our country is impacted by for the next four years, and regardless of what political side each of us are on, we all hope for the same thing. We want to live in a country that supports its people and the business & philanthropic communities, and we want it to flourish.

Because of the time we live in, we are especially challenged as business owners and stewards of nonprofits. It’s always been competitive out there, but there is no question that it’s gotten more difficult. As online marketing has become THE means to reach an audience, it’s that much more important to find ways to move to the front and show the public what makes our services and organizations unique. How do we find our professional voice?

Very recently, we had a guest on our new Rooted in Community Podcast who spoke directly to this. Jill Knobeloch of GrapeSeed Designs talked with us on Episode 2: “Knowing Your Why and Reaching Your Potential Audience.”

Jill knows first-hand about the process of finding your business niche, owning it, and making it work. She admits that it was something that evolved over time. In her case, it is marketing to the equine community (people who work with horses) and yes, you really can’t be more specific than that! Once she realized how much sense it made for her to do so and she embraced it, her business model and details really came together.

We at Modern Roots have also gone through a sort of morphing process since opening the business. Our core values have always been to serve the small business and nonprofit communities (because we’ve been active members of both) but finding what that really means is easier said than done. Like Jill, we’ve done soul searching and a lot of analyzing of what we do best, what makes us happy, and basically, what makes the most sense in both of those areas.

In the journey to find your voice, we suggest the same process. Ask yourself these same key questions:

  1. What do I love?

  2. What do I do best?

  3. What aspect of my work makes me most happy?

Oddly enough it may take a little time to come up with your answers, but once you do you’ll find that your thought process is open to take it to the next step. Your answers will determine the type of client you should be directing your services toward, and they will also lay the foundation to move forward from.

We encourage you to take this critical step in advancing your business or organization to the next level. And we’d love to help you determine the direction of your marketing with our affordable one-time consultations and consultation packages. Find out more here.