Digital Fundraising: How Nonprofits Can Keep Donors Engaged Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’ve all seen and heard of the adverse impact that COVID-19 has had on businesses. But what’s going on with nonprofits? How can they possibly continue to ask donors to give during this time? What will their futures look like?

Actually, now that the dust has settled somewhat, many nonprofits are finding that it’s not so bad out there for them. People are still giving. And our current climate has even seemed to propel the giving mindset. It’s all about change. With Coronavirus looming and national concern for the state of our union in so many respects, people want to be a part of positive change. And they can contribute to that change through financial gifts to the organizations that are doing good work within our society. It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

As businesses have had to pivot and do things differently to serve their customers during this time, nonprofits have also shifted. Now digital fundraising is at the forefront. There are several options available to nonprofits. It’s really just a matter of determining which option (or a combination of more than one) offers the best fit for their particular demographic. One of the most widely used options now is to hold a virtual event. These are done by using Zoom, where people can gather and watch together and even interact “face to face.” YouTube is another, where “attendees” can watch simultaneously and communicate with each other via chat. The choice between the two really comes down to what kind of event is being held and which hosting service provides the best backdrop and capabilities.

For each of the abovementioned fundraising options, there are several ways that donations can be accepted. Text donations are a quick and easy way for most to give and there are several platforms out there now to choose from, Mobilecause, Txt2Give, and Give Lively are just a few. Give Lively, in particular, is a free service to nonprofits with a platform overview: “We believe nonprofits shouldn’t sacrifice their means to satisfy their missions. We are a philanthropist-funded, social-impact driven tech company that collaborates directly with nonprofits…”

Donating by text may alienate some within a nonprofit’s database. Though nearly everyone has cell phones these days, they don’t all want to use them for transactions. In this case an alternate would be to set up a giving portal on the organization’s website. Network for Good (NFG), which is known for “Nonprofit Donor Management” is a great choice. Though they charge a per transaction service fee, the donor can opt to pay that amount as part of their donation. In addition, NFG provides detailed reports that can be used for a variety of purposes such as accounting and tax filing, or even sharing with board members for quarterly or event specific reporting.

There most certainly are more choices available to nonprofits right now to facilitate online fundraising, but we feel those that we’ve mentioned are the best choices. We encourage nonprofits of all sizes to continue their fundraising efforts. You can help us all to Be The Change our world needs!

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