CSUS School of Music, Jazz Studies Department: Documenting Music History

We’re pleased to share a unique project recently completed that is a great example of the variety of work that we do. The Sacramento State School of Music - Department of Jazz Studies, was interested in creating a YouTube channel to highlight past performances, students, instructors, and their program as a whole. This not only would be beneficial from a marketing and recruitment perspective, but also for the historical documentation value.

We worked directly with Dr. Steve Roach, Director of Jazz Studies, to design the channel. Our first and foremost objectives were to hone in on the right look and feel. Then to arrange the playlists in an appealing manner and to determine how best the channel should be set up to effectively interact with new visitors and subscribers.

Music videos were created using recorded music, photos, and footage from various concerts. The Sacramento State Jazz Ensemble, Latin Jazz Ensemble, and Jazz Combos were all included to give a well-rounded representation of the Jazz Studies program and what it encompasses. We enjoyed working on this project, and, of course, listening as we built the channel. CSUS certainly has an incredible program to offer and it’s obvious that the faculty have done their jobs well!

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