Meet Celia & Mary


We use a uniquely collaborative approach with our clients which allows us to develop visually compelling content that calls viewers to action and boosts engagement. In combining our individual talents and experience, we produce a well-rounded and comprehensive product for you that sets you and your business up for successful digital marketing.


Mother & Daughter


Mary Nauer

Community Relations Director

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Mary has a passion for marketing through social media. Though her career began in traditional customer service, it has evolved through the years to become much more varied and pertinent to the digital/online platform. The use of words and the right imagery to advertise and engage a business’ community is her strong suit. Her experience in working for a wide scope of entities has proven invaluable as well, and has paved the way for becoming owner of a company. She’s worked for a grant-funded program, managed social media and assisted with marketing at a nonprofit, and worked in small business communications at a state-regulated organization. After leaving UC Davis in 2018, where she supported marketing and communications efforts in the Office of Strategic Communications (under the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer), she opened Modern Roots Marketing as co-owner with her daughter.

“My goals are to support small business owners and help them to thrive. I understand their incredible challenges of providing a quality product, staying relevant in our ever-changing world, and handling competition. Nonprofits have their own unique challenges as well that I am very sensitive to. And there is nothing more satisfying than working with a small business or nonprofit and seeing how the right marketing plan can boost their level of success!”

Mary has received an Ethics in Advertising Certification by the Institute for Advertising Ethics and is Social Media Certified by HubSpot Academy.


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Celia Coughlin-Surridge

Creative Director

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A natural creative, with a keen eye for design and problem-solving, Celia helps to develop meaningful, community-focused online strategy that drives the results our clients are searching for. Her journey started 15 years ago with website and graphic design for the Junction City Roller Dolls in Utah. After relocating to California she continued to expand her knowledge base through volunteering with Sacramento-area nonprofits. During that time she worked for the UC Davis Health Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Pharmacy Department, where she created award-winning videos, developed mobile applications, and created robust webpages that improved communication both internally, and externally. In 2015 she began working with freelance clients who were looking to expand their online marketing efforts, and in late 2018 co-founded Modern Roots Marketing, alongside her mother.

Celia believes that in order to have successful online marketing, you must first know your "why". Once you know that, you'll better serve your community and your marketing efforts will thrive!

Celia has received an Ethics in Advertising Certification by the Institute for Advertising Ethics and is Google Ad Search Certified.

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